About Us

Our Mission

Xaverian Capital is a student-operated investment fund at St. Francis Xavier University (St.FX) in Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

Founded in 2018, the fund began initially overseeing $500,000. 

Xaverian Capital enriches the student experience and promotes academic excellence by providing the opportunity to engage in the practical aspects of investment analysis, valuation, and portfolio management. The fund prepares students for careers in the financial services industry through hands-on portfolio management experience.

Investment Considerations

Margin of Safety

We seek to balance risk by investing in companies with sound, long-term outlooks that are trading at reasonable prices relative to their estimated intrinsic values.

Excellent Management

We look for strong leadership focused on innovation and long-term growth as opposed to short-term, unsustainable gains.

Attractive Growth Prospects

We seek investments with considerable growth potential.

Organizational Agility

We invest in companies with the ability to adapt to disruptions within their respective industries.

Competitive Advantage

We seek investments with a formidable and sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Values


Doing the right thing.


Expressing appreciation and celebrating success.


Upholding commitments and delivering results.


Enjoying the pursuit of discovery.


Educating and serving the community.

Investment Philosophy

Xaverian Capital embodies a value investing philosophy and has two primary objectives. 

The first investment objective is capital growth. Investments are made based on the long-term fundamental prospects of a company, and the expected holding period is five or more years. Short-term trading and market timing considerations are not included in the decision framework. 

The second primary investment objective is capital preservation. Xaverian Capital does not seek to maximize returns by speculating on assets. Instead, it strives to grow its capital base in a manner that minimizes the probability of a permanent loss of capital.